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Competence development in the digital environment

Agile way to manage competencies in a digital operating environment The implementation of competence management, development and administration processes is a complex theme. The guidelines for competence development are based on the organisation’s strategy and action plan. On the other hand, as we obviously consider the present situation, we must also anticipate the future. In …

Developing Priima together

The emphasis in Discendum’s current strategic period are customers and partnerships, services as a whole and doing things together in a high quality manner.

Road from Optima to Priima – When it’s time

Why we took on a big challenge and didn’t just update the user interface of Optima but developed Priima? A new user interface was not enough if we wanted real changes.

Priima Academy: competencies deserve visible recognition!

Competencies and networking are in the center of Priima’s development this year. We are strongly going towards more adaptive learning paths. One important and practical trend regarding this is micro learning.

Versatile feedback options and completion rules

Thanks to an update done at the beginning of February, it’s possible to collect feedback during training in Priima. Also, it’s easy to organize new attempts for learners. Now, there are even more versatile options for designing trainings!

Paths to efficient and motivating learning

This year, competencies and skills will be brought up even more in Priima. In summer 2021, we aim to publish a competence level entity that helps in searching and allocating learning based on competencies.